Tuesday, May 16, 2006

How famous have I become since start of this blog?

I just spent few minutes trying to understand the power of blogging in making “Manoj Ranaweera” famous. Here are the results to my astonishment:

Search word: Manoj
  • On Google - Not within Top 10
  • Google UK - 5 (ecademy) and 7 (ebdex)

Search word: Ranaweera

  • On Google: 2 (blog), 4 (deal architect) and 6 (ecademy)
  • On Google UK: 1 (ecademy) and 3 (ebdex)

Search word: Manoj Ranaweera

  • Google: All top 10 positions - 1 (blog), 2 (deal architect), 3 (ecademy), 4 (blogger.com), 5 (business two zero), so on ...

For Manoj, unfortunately not in the Top 10 globally due to many Manojs from India. Without a doubt, my blog has played a major role.

Search your name and see how it performs.


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