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Vyew - threat to gotomeeting and webex - perhaps not yet

I recently came across vyew pronounced as "view" from Zoli's and Dennis Howlett's blogs. In the past I have trialled both gotomeeting.com and webex, and came to the conclusion that webex is priced too high and bandwidth hungry. So, I was going to settle with gotomeeting.com.

We need a on line meeting product that has following features:
  1. Web based - because we are a web based company and therefore promotes such applications. Thereare other valid reasons than this!!
  2. Can be easily set-up - if it does not require software installation on your machine, this is even better
  3. Can use to demonstrate software
  4. Can run powerpoint slides - not as documents flicking one page at a time. Animation intact if possible
  5. Whiteboard
  6. Allow attendees to take over your computer only to interact with the presentation.
  7. Price - free if possible or single and group user licenses plus pay-as-you-go model.

Now I cannot remember how gotomeeting and webex featured against above, but my take on vyew with limited knowlege is as follows:

  1. Yes - you can save your files permanently (or until you run out of space - 25MB free space offered)
  2. Yes - web based. Therefore better than gotomeeting and webex
  3. No - real disappointment
  4. No - real disappointment - can flick pages without animation, etc.
  5. Yes - seems very good
  6. Not sure
  7. Free - at least during beta testing

I tried to run a ppt with Dennis and failed. Then I commented on Zoli's blog. To my amazement, Tim Hon from vyew got in touch on the same day and agreed to give me a demo. I am yet to agree a time. 10/10 for listening to potential clients. Now I have fixed a session with David Terrar for next Monday to run whatever I can, as part of our on-going discussions to explore possible partnership opportunities between D2C and ebdex. I will report back afterwards.

What do you expect from such a product? And what do you use right now? Do you have any advice for us in product selection?

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Blogger olebarn said...

Have you heard of Freepath??? I just bought it. I was able to use Freepath in a conference meeting - can't believe it because before I got this I could barely use PowerPoint, let alone in web meetings. Over the web it shows Flash, multiple PowerPoint files, pdf, images, websites, everything! I even dropped music from iTunes over my PowerPoint - and everyone heard it. I got if for $100 BUCKS OFF of $249. Don't know when the promo's going to end, but I don't care - got it the first day.

Here's the link: www.myfreepath.com.

5:43 pm  
Blogger Manoj Ranaweera said...

After attempting to run vyew, David and I gave up and switched to gotomeeting.com. Sorry guys, you got a long way to go!! You need to seriously compare functionality with gotomeeting and webex, if you are serious about your business....

12:54 pm  
Blogger Elwin said...

I am a GotoMeeting user and Vyew user. Vyew would never be a replacement for GotoMeeting, but as a supplement it is great.

GotoMeeting is a screen streaming tool, that allows for collaboration by allowing others to ‘share’ the keyboard and mouse. It is really a one-to-many sharing tool It is great for presentations because if you can show it on your screen you can show it to anyone else (animations, live demos, tech support etc). From a collaboration tool it is just ‘ok’. Basically one person shares their document and gives access to the keyboard and mouse to others. Each can take control and make changes. I use GotoMeeting for presentations, interactive demos, technical support and some document collaboration.

I use Vyew between our Architects as a collaboration tool. Vyew is more of a many to many sharing tool. We have Information and Infrastructure Architects located in teams in Hong Kong, UK, USA and Shanghai. Most of them use Tablet PC’s. We bring up Vyew, load a engineering diagram (as a jpg) or UML diagram, and each of us can whiteboard on top of it with our tablets real time. It works better than GotoMeeting because everyone can mark up the doc at the same time. Vyew sends the drawing object on mouse up, instead of streaming em so your whiteboard strokes are captured better. You can use the Diagram part of Vyew to do interactive flow charts. Of course you could do this white boarding in MSN or Yahoo.

4:36 am  
Blogger Manoj Ranaweera said...

Olebarn, thanks. Had very quick look at the website of Freepath. Noted it works in conjunction with gotomeeting.com.

Elwin, perhaps the way forward might be to use Vyew in conjunction with gotomeeting.com or webex. This will benefit ebdex.

I am not a fan of MSN or Yahoo (for no apparent reason!) and therefore not aware of these features. Thank you.

5:23 am  
Blogger Reza said...

Hi Manoj,

We are thrilled to inform you that Vyew 2.0 is going to be released in mid-July.

Our up coming release 2.0 has some unique and very useful new features. For example, it can support multiple VyewBooks. These VyewBooks which can be divided by customers, projects, interest, and more can be saved and open. Additionally, you can now mix and match pages from various file types or layered them together inside the same VyewPage which makes Vyew even more powerful in a collaborative environment.

We can provide you a sneak preview of this new version should you be interested. Please email me at reza@vyew.com and I will be glad to send you the URL.


Reza Gosal

5:55 pm  
Blogger Manoj Ranaweera said...

Reza, that would be great. I am in Sri Lanka working out our delivery strategy and we need an on line collaboration tool. Good timing provided it meets our minimum requirements.

6:58 pm  
Blogger Raj Tawate said...

You may also want to have a look at www.jhatak.com the worlds first free internet instant web meeting tool. It lets you have instant web meetings presenations/desktop sharing with unlimited number of users.

Founder of Jhatak.com

1:39 am  
Blogger Manoj Ranaweera said...


you may want to post the same on http://manojranaweera.wordpress.com as this blog has been moved to above.


5:22 am  
Blogger Manoj Ranaweera said...


Just had a look. I am sorry to say, but you also need to concentrate on graphics and presentation of your website. It looked to me like a site created in mid 90s (DOS days!). It also gave the impression that it was meant for consumers rather than businesses.


5:29 am  

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