Monday, June 19, 2006

Why I have not blogged recently?

Having blogged for two months at, I got to the point where I found the presentation of my blogging pages no longer acceptable. This was as a result of looking at blogs written in Wordpress. My first blog was written in and hosted by

At the same time, I felt that there need to be more focus on marketing of ebdex. I also want to continue to speak about the industry and the pain and joy I am experiencing whilst getting ebdex off the ground to deliver our strategic plans.

So on one crazy night I ended up creating multiple blogs on Blogger and Wordpress, to address different themes. Obviously, I cannot maintain multiple blogs without having to spend significant amount of time. Then David Terrar introduced me to Qumana, a writer and publisher for multiple blogs. The plan is to maintain three blogs:

  1. General blog, known as ManojRanaweera's Blog, which will have a copy of all articles written by me.
  2. Blog for issues related to ebdex Ltd
  3. Blog dedicated to EIPP and Document Exchanges, perhaps with guest bloggers

I still have to spend some time sorting out the look and feel of each of these blogs. In the meantime, I will continue at as usual.

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